Make advertising choices that support your company’s ESG objectives

Make advertising choices that support your company’s ESG objectives image

Over the course of 2023, Audience Group gained certification as a carbon neutral
media and advertising services agency, covering Scope 1, Scope 2 and some Scope 3 emissions. We’ve selected Trace to measure, reduce and compensate for carbon emissions and support our journey to becoming a net zero business.

Becoming a Carbon Neutral Media Agency

Striving for carbon neutrality is table stakes. Not only because this is the way we intend to
run our own business but because this one way Audience Group, as an advertising services and
media strategy agency, supports our clients’ ESG objectives.

Year 1 Carbon Neutral Achievements

  • Gained certification as a carbon neutral media agency for scope 1 and 2 emissions and
    some scope 3 emissions
  • Committed to an annual emissions assessment and carbon reduction
  • Assessed the Audience Group carbon footprint for the first assessment year
  • Updated travel policy to reduce air travel where possible and offset all future air travel
    and point of purchase
  • Completed initial benchmarking with peers
  • Funded 5 Carbon Credit Projects to compensate for 100% of identified FY2021/22
  • Funded the planting of an additional 524 trees which will sequester another 11.8t CO2
    over their lifetime


Carbon credit projects funded by audience group

Baseline: Personal Average Footprint of 15.8t per person

The Australian average is tracking at 15, so we’re not far off the national average.
Carbon-friendly highlights: More than 20% of our staff are on meat-free diets, and most
walk, cycle or catch public transit to the office. Just over 10% purchase renewable electricity.
Research required: More than 50% were unsure of their electricity mix at home, and all.

Assessing our Annual Carbon Footprint

In its first assessment year (FY2021/2022), Audience Group’s estimated carbon footprint is
91.3t CO2. The assessment covered Scope 1, Scope 2 and some Scope 3 emissions. More
data is required to measure Scope 3 emissions in their entirety, which Trace reports is often
the case when businesses start their net zero journey.

In keeping with our hybrid-work structure, Audience Group has assessed emissions related to
office work as well as when staff are working from home.

We’ve also considered the emissions of our suppliers across technology, catering,
telecommunications, office supplies and other operational elements of running our office.

Next Steps to Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Emission Reduction

The next phase of our carbon-neutral efforts will augment our annual assessment and offset
process as follows:

  • Renewable Electricity – Audience Group is reviewing options for the purchase of
    renewable electricity as part of our office space rental agreement. Our employees have been
    encouraged to review their electricity usage at home, both to improve the accuracy of our
    emissions estimate for FY2022/2023 and also to consider renewable electricity options where
  • Waste – Ensure an even more accurate FY2022/2023 emissions estimate related to
    waste by completing a waste audit. Review waste management practices to identify room for
  • Scope 3 Emissions – Investigate cost to goods sold and map out Audience Group’s
    Scope 3 emissions to enable an assessment and estimate.

Choosing to work with a carbon neutral advertising services agency partner is one way you can support your company’s ESG objectives.

Contact us to find out how we can help you reduce your company’s advertising related carbon emissions.