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Safeguarding Data Privacy in First-Party Data-Driven Advertising 

Safeguarding Data Privacy in First-Party Data-Driven Advertising  image


The Australian Federal Government is gearing up for privacy reform [read in Mi3]. Now’s the time for advertisers to reassess their approach to data collection, management and privacy. When it comes to safeguarding data privacy, advertising services and media agency partners play a key role. We must demonstrate that we can ensure privacy without compromising results.

“Advertising services and media agencies must take a leading role in ensuring Australian advertisers meet data privacy, protection, and security standards.”

– Tom Evans, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Audience Group 

Most organisations are focused on monetising business data. In that case, boosting ad strategy with first-party data and achieving the desired results is like hitting the ROI jackpot.  

But there’s no room for naivety. Navigating the realm of first-party data isn’t without its challenges, especially in terms of safeguarding data privacy in advertising.  

Here’s how Audience Group steps up to the data privacy challenge.   

6 Ways We Help Advertisers Protect Data Privacy

1. Data Privacy Mindset

Audience Group prioritises Data Privacy as it relates to our client’s data – which includes their customers’ data. 

2. Strict Data Governance Protocols

Audience Group will not accept clients’ PII data into its data environment

Advertisers should not have to pass private information about their customers to their advertising services and media strategy agency partners in order to put their data to work.

3. Risk Management Framework

Our Framework includes: 

  • A designated team / person with whom clients collaborate re: data usage
  • Data Inventory maintenance 
  • Gap Analysis and Data Risk Assessment 
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment 
  • Risk Mitigation planning and tactics. e.g. We ensure transparency with our data usage statement
  • Auditable Record to demonstrate good data governance 

4. Advice on Responsible Data Collection

We provide clients with guidance on adhering to privacy laws and regulations, drawing from our global expertise to anticipate future requirements. We continue to monitor the regulatory landscape. We’ll update our advice later this year when Australia’s updated Privacy Act is released.  

“Privacy compliance ensures that marketing strategies are designed with the customer’s consent and preferences in mind, leading to more personalised and effective marketing efforts.”

– Tom Evans, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Audience Group 

5. Advanced Technology and Data Capabilities

Audience Group designed and built our IT ecosystem to prioritise data privacy while maximising the utility of first-party data for advertising strategies. 
We maintain control over clients’ data with technology such as data clean rooms, to prevent it from being split into multiple cyber environments.

6. Limiting Exposure to PII without Compromising Results

By leveraging each client’s aggregated advertising data and anonymised first-party data and combining it with relevant third-party information, we deliver agile, effective advertising programs without compromising data privacy. 
The two cannot be mutually exclusive in a modern, evidence-based advertising program 

At Audience Group, we’ve set a new standard for advertising services agencies by integrating advanced modelling, predictive analytics, and data privacy into our client packages.


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