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Want to work where data and strategy meet creativity and impact?

It’s a future we’re actually excited about, and we’re actively looking for new team members who feel the same way.

Benefits of working at AUDIENCE GROUP

Flexible hours & Hybrid working

Audience Group, as an agency, takes pride in getting things done and making things happen. At the same time, we value work-life balance. We work on that balance together.

Our Culture

We’re a dynamic, ambitious, and respectful team that thrives on collaboration. Passionate about our evidence-based advertising approach, we’re a fast-growing agency intent on delivering results we can empirically prove and using technology to efficiently operate our business.

Career Advancement

What’s in it for you? We’re committed to investing in your career advancement and take personal interest in employee career goals. We provide opportunities to grow and thrive in a fun and energetic environment.

Inclusive Teamwork

As a valued member of the team, your opinions matter. We have a very open, inclusive and dynamic working environment. With an open-plan office layout, our leadership team members are approachable and willing to help.

Our 3 V’s


We are faster than the competition and agents of change for our clients.

We take ownership and take the lead. We get it done. We seek opportunities to learn, developing new ideas and new ways of working. With precision, accuracy and speed. We’re faster, not hasty. We demonstrate proactivity. We don’t just act on a brief; we build on it. We help drive agendas. We focus on commercial outcomes. We take time out to review longer term development. We don’t prioritise Velocity at the expense of Value.


We relentlessly pursue results.

We are inquisitive, curious, always trying to improve our overall performance. It’s about effectiveness – not effort. We don’t measure people by how many evenings or weekends they work, but by how much, how quickly and how well they get work done – especially under deadline! We relentlessly seek evidence and truth. We stay curious and never assume something is unchangeable. We reduce scope before quality. We want our people to be continuously growing in value.


Looks sharp, feels good and is soft to touch. Just like us.

We are positive, supportive and in it together with our people, our partners and our clients. We are collaborative and do our best try to help everyone to succeed. We are inclusive; homogenous thinking can be dangerous. We are forgiving; mistakes happen. We are respectful. We are confident and happy to stand out, but never arrogant. We ask people to bring their authentic selves to work. We know that good experience working with us leads to positive conversations – and that’s how we thrive!

Who are you? A Star Player!

  • You don’t wait to be told what you do.
  • You have ideas and are keen to share them.
  • You are self-improving through experience, observation, introspection, reading, and discussion.
  • You take on responsibility and deliver results.


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