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More than that, Audience Group will help you:
Invest the right amount into the right opportunities, measure the outcomes of that investment and predict the return of future advertising.

A unicorn is a pony with an advertising budget.



(Customer Acquisition & Market Growth)

Growth is achieved by investing the right amount into the right opportunities

Most advertising spend maintains market share. We’ll help you drive growth. Use advertising science to calculate your advertising budget. Define and size your market and current share of competitive advertising investment, to determine the advertising spend required to meet growth targets. Identify the diminishing point of return from advertising investment to avoid overspending.

Long & Short-term sales growth

Typically advertising needs to both harvest existing demand in the short term and create future demand for the long term. You can’t performance (media) your way to growth. Expertly set the right balance of performance and brand budgets that deliver.

Advertising works differently when driving short-term sales activation effects, versus creating longer-term brand building and business growth. Target tightly to harvest existing demand in the short term, and more broadly to create future demand for the long term.

Media Planning & Buying

Media’s job is to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Spend wisely by buying media, with the optimal, evidence-based mix of digital and Above the Line (TV, print, radio, OOH) elements designed and executed by data scientists and media strategists.

Reach is vital to growing demand. Buying unduplicated reach in an increasingly complex advertising technology environment is the sweet spot for our expert trading team.

Customer segmentation

Understand more about who buys from you, what they buy, when they buy, and how much they spend. Build detailed psychographic and attitudinal behaviour profiles that can be applied to creative and offer testing.

Map this data to the composition of all Australian households, creating a geographical footprint of your customers and future potential (look-a-like) customers.

Apply this enhanced customer segmentation to your advertising & media buying strategy and tactical executions, for increased performance efficiency and less Ad waste.

Customer Data Platforms

Collect, control, and unify first-party customer data from multiple sources to build the dream – a single, coherent, complete view of each customer. Use this customer-centric data to create and activate profitable advertising audiences. Get expert consultancy in CDP selection, composition or orchestration, dependent upon your needs.

First Party data activation

Make your data work harder than ever. Securely monetise your first-party data using a data clean room. Generate insights from your first-party data while staying privacy compliant in a cookieless world. Maximise your customer data by building shared audiences that can be activated across publisher networks and TV stations, without ever exposing individual identifiers.

Custom Bidding Models and AI

When everyone uses the same technology, no one wins. Get ahead with powerful, leading edge AI learning models built just for you and the outcomes that matter to your business – sales, customer value, brand lift, unique reach, or something else.

Save up to 30% on your existing programmatic budget, by never over-bidding on online inventory.

Place ads where your brand needs support, in ways and at speeds that a human simply can’t manage.

  • Train the AI on data that matters.
  • Need to move product off the shelf? Trained to real-time product availability and inventory data, our models rapidly assess and adjust to reduce ad waste and use your ad budget most effectively.

Sustainable Choices

Contribute to your ESG efforts by working with a carbon-neutral agency that knows how to help you reduce the carbon footprint of your advertising program.

Capturing and Measuring Attention

Without human attention, brands can’t grow. And not all advertising impressions command the same attention. Plan your campaigns using the world’s most accurate attention data, ensuring audience engagement with your advertising, while providing the foundation to measure and understand media placement effectiveness and the performance of ad creative and brand messages.

Effective, long-term brand building advertising should be broad reaching, emotional and memorable. Short term sales activation advertising should be tightly targeted and rationale, with a strong response mechanism. Combine decades of solid advertising planning expertise with the very latest in dynamic creative technology, to get the right brand or product offer, to the right person, at the right time.

More data leads to better decisions. Except when it doesn’t.



(Advertising Investment Measurement)

Master the 3 types of metrics that play a part in measuring advertising effectiveness: Leading, interim and lagging indicators.

Dashboarding & reporting

Feel the sweet satisfaction of using market leading campaign dashboards providing access to your fully integrated business metrics. No more meaningless media metrics.

Custom attribution modelling

Find out if you can attribute outcomes – sales, sign-ups, visits, whatever – to advertising, or not. Collect and use the right data. Measure the effect of advertising on target outcomes using causal inference techniques that go beyond typical data-driven attribution.

Share of voice

The spend on share of voice that’s greater than your proportionate share of market, is the spend that can be expected to drive growth. Calculating your share of voice helps determine if you’re buying enough to match your market share goals. Build an understanding of your measure of competitive advertising share of voice over time.

Share of demand

Estimate your current market share of sales, if or when your own reliable industry data is not available.

Brand measurement and tracking

Track your brand’s performance over time; understand which advertising investments are increasing brand saliency and consideration to purchase.

Sales growth, market share growth, profit growth. Set and measure the true ROI of your advertising investment and the incremental growth attributable to your advertising investment.

You planned for fine weather. And then it rained.



(Invest With Confidence)

There is no shortage of data. Identify and unify the data you need to lead. From advertising to customer to product data, we empower you to invest with confidence, creating a roadmap for the future.

Sales Prediction

Analyse historical data to predict sales outcomes before you commit to an advertising investment.

Media Mix Prediction

In a cookieless future overly dependent on last click attribution, Media Mix Modelling can show you the true efficacy of each media channel and is integral to controlling advertising investment. This will ensure your media dollars will achieve your required topline dollar outcomes.

Market selection

Base intentional selection of the right markets on brand and category strength. Understand how much to invest in selected markets with the predicted best return.


Data comes from the past. New creative, new media channels or a rogue variable can impact a perfectly calibrated model. Take the crucial step of establishing a continual and robust testing methodology to create or improve existing modelled predictions.

Creative Prediction

Use a sophisticated AI scoring tool to help design Ad creative that maximises emotion and brand recall. Iterate at super-sonic speeds, predicting the efficacy of both emotional response and Ad recall. Learn what works best before you spend the production budget on advertising assets.