ADTECH ANALYSIS: Choosing the right universal identifier for CTV AD targeting 

ADTECH ANALYSIS: Choosing the right universal identifier for CTV AD targeting  image

Comparison of Universal Identifiers for Connected TV (CTV) Advertisement Targeting:

(1) Lotame Panorama ID (2) LiveRamp RampID (3) ID5


The evolving digital advertising landscape, marked by the decline of third-party cookies, has led to the rise of universal identifiers designed to provide consistent and privacy-compliant user identification across devices and platforms.  

This AdTech Analysis for Connected TV Advertising report compares three leading universal identifiers — Lotame Panorama ID, LiveRamp RampID, and ID5 — focusing on their applicability for Connected TV (CTV) targeting. 

1. Lotame Panorama ID


Lotame Panorama ID is a global, people-based identifier that unifies data across devices, platforms, and environments without relying on third-party cookies. It is designed to enhance audience targeting, personalisation, and measurement, particularly in the CTV ecosystem. 


Cross-Device and Cross-Platform Capabilities: Panorama ID excels in providing a unified view of users across mobile, desktop, CTV, and other environments, making it highly effective for CTV targeting and household-level identification. 

Data Integration: It seamlessly integrates data from first-party and third-party sources, creating comprehensive user profiles. 

Privacy Compliance: Strong focus on user consent, anonymisation, and adherence to privacy regulations ensures responsible data use. 

Household Level Targeting: Leverages IP addresses and other signals to effectively target households, particularly useful for CTV. 


Lotame Panorama ID is ideal for advertisers and publishers looking for a comprehensive, cross-device, and cross-platform targeting solution with robust household-level targeting capabilities in CTV environments. Its strong data integration and privacy compliance make it a powerful tool for modern digital advertising. 

2. LiveRamp RampID


LiveRamp RampID is a deterministic identifier that links offline and online data to create unified, persistent user profiles. It specialises in data onboarding, identity resolution, and enabling people-based marketing across multiple channels, including CTV. 


Deterministic Matching: High accuracy in linking various identifiers (e.g., email addresses, phone numbers) to a single persistent identifier. 

People-Based Marketing: Effective for people-based marketing and long-term targeting across devices and channels. 

Extensive Partner Network: Broad integration with DSPs, SSPs, CTV platforms, and data providers. 

Privacy Compliance: Robust consent management frameworks and data protection measures ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations. 


LiveRamp RampID is best suited for advertisers and publishers with extensive offline data seeking highly accurate, deterministic matching for people-based marketing. Its strong data onboarding capabilities and broad ecosystem integration make it ideal for scenarios requiring persistent identifiers and long-term targeting across multiple channels. 

2. ID5


ID5 provides a universal identifier designed to address user identification challenges in the digital advertising ecosystem, especially with the decline of third-party cookies. It focuses on privacy-compliant, signal-based identification across online and CTV environments. 


Privacy-Focused Identification: Uses anonymized signals to create unique identifiers while maintaining user privacy and complying with regulations. 

Cross-Device Matching: Effective in linking devices within the same household, useful for CTV environments. 

Ad Tech Integration: Seamless integration with various ad tech platforms for consistent targeting and measurement. 

Ease of Integration: Easier integration with existing ad tech platforms, focusing on maintaining user privacy and consent. 


ID5 is ideal for advertisers and publishers focused on privacy-compliant, signal-based identification primarily within online and CTV environments. Its strong compliance with privacy regulations, ease of integration, and effective cross-device matching make it a suitable choice for modern digital advertising needs. 


Choosing the right universal identifier for CTV targeting depends on specific requirements and the existing ecosystem of the advertiser or publisher. 

Lotame Panorama ID is the best choice for those seeking a comprehensive cross-device and cross-platform solution with robust household-level targeting capabilities. 

LiveRamp RampID excels for advertisers with extensive offline data looking for highly accurate deterministic matching and people-based marketing across multiple channels. 

ID5 is well-suited for those prioritising privacy compliance, signal-based identification, and ease of integration with existing ad tech platforms. 

Each solution offers unique strengths, and the best choice will depend on the specific needs and capabilities required for effective CTV targeting.



Lotame Panorama ID

LiveRamp RampID